A very cold forecast to end February

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The countdown to spring is now less than four weeks away. The forecast, however, is still reminiscent of the dead of winter. Each day Monday through Friday has a chance for some snow and temperatures will plummet by Wednesday. The good news is that despite persistent chances for snow, it looks to be very light with some days maybe only seeing flurries. It's hard to be precise more than a few days out, but there appear to be no winter storms this week.

Sunday night: Clear evening, but increasing clouds after midnight with a chance for a few flurries here and there. Lows in the low 10s with breezy winds.

Monday: Increasing clouds, maybe a few bits of early sunlight. Some flurries again possible in the day. Highs near 20 with breezy winds.

Monday night: Greater chances for some widespread light snow, mainly over the southern counties of Mid-Michigan. There may be some minor accumulations, but no significant impacts are likely. Lows will be near 10 degrees.

Tuesday may see some more light snowfall, but mainly in the evening. By Wednesday, high temperatures will only be in the low teens and lows will be near 0. Thursday and Friday will see similar temperatures with next weekend not looking much warmer. These temperatures are more commonly seen in mid-January. The normal high is about 37 degrees and the normal low about 20, so these temps are a good 20 degrees or more below normal. Needless to say, be prepared to bundle up for any outdoor plans.

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