Hearing on Michigan's Medicaid Expansion is Happening Today

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State lawmakers return to the capitol today for a hearing on Medicaid expansion.

The Senate committee hearing this morning comes after the governor hit the road-- holding town hall meetings, urging residents to call their senators to force them to vote on it. Robo-calls supporting the expansion were also placed in the districts of Republican senators who opposed the bill. The plan would expand Medicaid to 470,000 low income Michigan residents.

The house passed the Medicaid expansion last month. It then stalled in the senate.

If passed, it would bring in more than $200 million in federal money to the state. The federal government will also pay for 100% of the expansion through 2017. The financial support would decline to 90% by 2020.

We will have a crew at the capital today and will have a full report tonight on News 10 at 5.