Stockbridge Bus Vandals

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Around 4:30 a.m. Friday morning, Ingham County Sheriff's Deputies say three individuals broke into a Stockbridge school bus parked at Heritage Elementary School. Police say the three people took the bus for a joyride around the parking lot, and drove it so hard that when they parked it, it somehow caught fire. Police also say at least 12 other buses were vandalized, with windows and headlight busted out.

Ingham County Sheriff's deputies say the three people were young adults and not students in the Stockbridge school district. They somehow found a set of keys and decided to ride the bus around. Police do not know at this time if alcohol or drugs played a factor and are looking into a number of criminal charges. Late Friday, the Sheriff's department announced the arrests of three people. The names weren't released.

Stockbridge school administrators say they plan to get the buses fixed and be able to transport students by Tuesday.