Michigan Red Cross Preps for Frances

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Twelve volunteers from the Mid-Michigan American Red Cross went to Florida to help after Hurricane Charley hit the state's west coast. One has come home. Eleven others are still there, some stranded by closed airports. Those airports have closed in advance of Hurricane Frances.

Frances could be a Category 5, the most severe category, and hit Florida's east cost Friday night. Although the Red Cross says Charley will ultimately cost them $50 million to work on, they still plan to help out with Frances.

Executive Director of the Mid-Michigan chapter, John Cauley, says he is currently polling potential disaster workers to see who may be able to help after Frances. Although their man power and finances are depleted, Cauley is confident the public will help so the Red Cross can do its job.

To donate to the American Red Cross call 1-800-HELP-NOW.