How to Reduce Allergy Symptoms for Contact Lens Wearers

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Local optometrist Dr. Marton says lot of people this week complaining of the same symptoms - dry and itchy eyes.

The ragweed-pollen is at its worst right now in Mid-Michigan and because of this, contact lens wearers are suffering.

But there are ways to reduce the irritation. Dr Marton says the most important thing is to keep contacts extremely clean. This may mean switching from an extended-wear lens to a daily-wear lens. The more frequent the lenses are changed, the easier it is to keep them very clean and debris-free.

Also, while we know we have to wash and dry our hands before handling contacts, if you're using liquid soap you are actually making matters worse. The lanolin in liquid soaps contains oil that forms a film that sticks to the skin. This makes it sticky and actually causes debris and allergens to stick to the lens.

There are also good medicated eye drops available that are specific to allergies. Dr. Marton says it's best to visit your eye doctor to determine which drop is right for you. The drops cannot be used when contacts are in, but can help prevent eye irritation.