Three People Found Dead in Meridian Township Home

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Three people are dead found murdered in a Gibson Avenue home in Meridian Township Monday afternoon. Twenty-four hours later, police are still searching for answers.

Police aren't saying how or why the three were killed, if they were male or female, or even if they were residents of the home. Neighbors say a couple and their teenage son lived in the home on the 6,000 block.

Sgt. Al Spencer of Meridian Township Police says Michigan State Police are processing the entire residence including all of the evidence taken from the home Monday and Tuesday.

Meantime, police are looking for Thomas Eugene White III, someone they believe has information about the crime. White may be driving a 1991 GMC Suburban with the Michigan Plate UYNOT. White may also be driving a 1998 Toyota Camry with plate number UTV372. Contact Meridian Township Police at (517) 347-5060.