Mi Secretary of State

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Secretary of State Candice Miller cannot run for re-election because of term limits but the two persons bidding to replace her concede few voters know who they are.

Republican candidate Terri Land hopes to change that starting this weekend. She will begin airing commercials with Miller endorsing the Kent County Clerk.

The democrat, Melvin "Butch" Hollowell, launched his campaign earlier this week by calling for a new commemorative license plate featuring a police officer's shield and a firefighters cross. The proceeds from the sale would go to charities aligned with both groups.

Both Land and Hollowell want to reduce the amount of time customers spend in the Secretary of State's office.

Hollowell wants to do what they do in Georgia, once you walk in they start a clock and if you are not out in 30 minutes, the state picks up the cost for whatever service you wanted.

Land wants to extend from one to two years the length of time for getting a new license plate.