Family Speaks Out Against Prison Sentence

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The Barnard family is looking for closure nearly two years after their sister's murder.

Police found Becky Barnard's dead body at the bottom of a staircase in February of 2001. On Wednesday, a judge sentenced Becky Barnard's killer - ex-husband John Dinkel - to 10 to 25 years in prison as part of Dinkel's second-degree murder plea agreement.

The family says that punishment is not enough.

Curtis Barnard, Becky Barnard's brother, asked Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Glazer to punish Dinkel to 50 years or life in prison for causing the death of his sister.

However, the family had previously agreed to a plea arrangement. The arrangement allowed the family to forgo a lengthy trial and Dinkel was able to plead to a lesser charge and receive a second-degree murder penalty rather than facing first-degree murder.

The family said they avoided a trial in order to protect Becky Barnard and John Dinkel's two teen-age children.