Narrow Your Search for the Perfect Running Sneaker

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Shoe experts at Playmakers in Okemos recommend you have a professional watch you run before buying a new pair of sneakers. Owner Curt Munson says people may not realize they are opening the door to later injuries when they run with the wrong shoes for their range of motion.

At Playmakers, experts watch to see if over pronates, or turns the foot in too much when running. This can lead to ankle, knee and hip pain and injury. There are several other problems such as superpronating, or turning the foot out; plantar fasciaitis; and heel pain that can result from wearing the wrong shoe.

Munson says that many of the shoes that offer extra cushion may actually be hurting your foot by allowing it to move out of its normal range of motion because of its lack of stability.

He says the most trustworthy shoes are the ones that have been around for a while and have already proven themselves. And a higher price doesn't necessarily buy a better shoe.

It's best to have someone study your gait and examine if you are flat-footed or have high arches in order to determine what sneaker will be best suited to keep you injury-free.