Deputies Say Two Responsible For 50 Break-Ins

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After several months of break-ins and tens of thousands of dollars in goods stolen, deputies say they have the two people responsible in custody.

"They have indicated to us that they were involved in over 50 home invasions in the past seven months in five counties," said Detective Sergeant Fritz Sandberg of the Clinton County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities say Adam Kaser and Jynell Veverka-Dyer's crime wave began months ago. Investigators say the two suspects took money and jewelry from homes and businesses across Mid-Michigan.

Brad, who didn't want us to use his last name, says his home was robbed last week and didn't know it until his wife discovered some items missing and damage to a bedroom window.

"A couple pieces of jewelry, a jar of change, a small TV," he said. "It's very surprising, the magnitude, that they were involved in so many of them."

Clinton County Detectives grew suspicious when the crime scenes were similar. That's when they involved Ingham County, who tracked the suspects to Mason and then to Livingston County.

"We were able to get some surveillance on the suspects," said Ingham COunty Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth. "We got them stopped and arrested. We caught them with some goods on them."

Authorities believe the two may be connected to other crimes in the area. Though they cannot confirm if they stole Jynell's mother's sloth, a story we brought you last month.

Judy Veverka-Dyer says her daughter fell into the wrong crowd and blames kaser for influencing her daughter. The two suspects are being held in the Livingston County jail on charges of felony safe-breaking.

Kaser's bond is $100,000. Veverka-Dyer's is $25,000.

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