CATA Relocating Because of Sinkholes

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The main bus routes will be staged at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Shiawassee Street. That's seven blocks north of CATA's Transportation Center.

Dave Smith, CATA's Director of Operations, says three separate sinkholes caused the relocation. One was detected last Friday, another this week and the third, Wednesday night.

Lansing's Public Service Director Chad Gamble says it appears crews working on the Combined Sewer Overflow project may have removed too much sand while clearing a spot for a pipe. All sewers in the area have been checked and videotaped. The infrastructure is sound Gamble says.

The city hopes to have the area fixed Friday or sometime next week.

Temporary signs directing people the proper way will be installed and CATA personnel will be on site to assist people in locating their routes. A free shuttle service will be available to bring people from the downtown center to the temporary transfer spots.

For more information please call CATA at (517) 394-1000 or visit

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