A Small Amount of Lead Can Be Lethal

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Another recall from Mattel could mean parents again will have to return that Barbie doll or locomotive toy to the store.

The latest recall is affecting upwards of 800,000 toys. Once again-- the excessive levels of lead is reason for concern.

"Two and three year olds explore the world with their mouths," said Sharon Hudson, R.N. and Coordinator of the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention. "All the more reason that it's critical that they not be exposed to any product because you can't prevent them from putting things in their mouths."

It doesn't take very much contact for what was a playful experience to become deadly.

"Lead doesn't have to be present in the body at high levels to cause damage to potentially your vision, to hearing, to brain development," said Hudson.

If you're looking for all the toys that have been recalled, simply head to the Consumer Products Safety Commission website. You can find a list of all the toys, games, and lights. Anything that's been recalled dating back to 1973.

There are also plenty of ways to make sure your child stays lead free. Make sure you monitor your child's play habits. You'll also want to watch what they put in their mouth, and wash toys twice a week. Finally, dispose of toys with any chipping on them.

"This is a real good example of how lead is an equal opportunity poison, and you can get it through consumer products that your basic middle class person might purchase," said Hudson.

Proving that more exposure can protect families.

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