Fracture Test Prevents Osteoporosis?


Almost 44 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis, a disease that causes fragile bones. The most susceptible areas include the spine where the smallest fractures can happen without even knowing it.

Now, doctors have come up with a way to spot it quicker than ever before. It's called the Instant Vertebral Assessment test or IVA and unlike other bone density tests, it shows doctors all of the tiny fractures that go unnoticed.

The machine scans the body while the patient lies on their back. The test is similar to an X-ray except uses 99 percent less radiation. In about 10 seconds, doctors have a high quality image of the front, middle and back of the spine.

From there, doctors can also determine the actual shape, strength and susceptibility of future fractures.

Some doctors say that if they can detect the first fracture, it's most likely they'll prevent future fractures from happening.