McDonald's New Oil

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At a time when Americans need help in the battle of the bulge, McDonald's answers with a new oil to cook most of it's foods, an oil that will cut the amount of transfatty acids by 48 percent.

However, the total amount of fat will stay the same. In a small fry that's 10 grams of fat, and in a supersize fry, it's 29 grams of fat. Dietitians say consumers need to still watch how much of any kind of fat they take in.

"McDonald's claims it has less transfatty acids and more polyunsaturated fat lowers your bad cholesterol, your LDL, but it also lowers your good cholesterol, your HDL" said Kathy Schaefer, dietitian, Ingham Reg. Medical Center.

Health experts also worry that this change will make consumers eat more, especially when they're tempted to get more food for their dollar

"It may have influence but no difference in my eating habits," said David Graves, Dewitt.

McDonald's did not say what kind of oil they'll be using but they say they'll start in October and all 13,000 U.S restaurants will be using it by February 2003.