Hollowell's Future

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The Wayne County Sheriff's Department confirms the 2002 Democratic nominee for Michigan's Secretary of State Melvin Hollowell was ticketed for soliciting a prostitute this past Tuesday. Hollowell and his attorney maintain his innocence, but even if that's true, political consultant Ed Sarpolis says Hollowell has a hard job to save his political future.

Sarpolis says Hollowell has already made the best decision he could since the allegation which is to announce his intentions to resign from a recent appointment by Gov. Granholm to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission. Sarpolis says Hollowell's next move should be to resign from his post as a legal consultant with the Michigan John Kerry Campaign.

Even if Hollowell is found innocent, Sarpolis says it may take some time to restore his political future. But, if he's found guilty, Sarpolis says Hollowell would have to show remorse, be open and honest about the incident. Then, he may have a chance to continue climbing the political ladder.