Hollowell Ticketed for Solicitation

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Former co-chair of the Michigan Democratic Party and current legal advisor to the Michigan John Kerry campaign, Melvin "Butch" Hollowell, has been ticketed for solicitation of a prostitute, according to the Wayne County Sheriff's Department.

John Roach, spokesperson for the Wayne County Sheriff's Department, says the incident occurred Tuesday night at 10:20 near Woodward and McNichols Roads. Mr. Hollowell was not arrested, as this is a misdemeanor.

On Thursday, Hollowell called Governor Granholm's office to resign a recent appointment to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission. Currently, he is also a legal advisor for the Michigan John Kerry Campaign.

A spokesperson for the Governor's office says they are disappointed by Hollowell's resignation. She is taken by surprise at the allegations, which are certainly inconsistent with the person she knows.

News Ten has also spoken with Mr. Hollowell's attorney, Gerald Evelyn. Evelyn says his client is not guilty of any wrongdoing. He says Hollowell witnessed a woman in distress and was attempted to bring her to the 12th police precinct near by. Evelyn says they are disappointed Mr. Hollowell's attempt to render assistance was misconstrued and resulted in him being given an ordinance violation.

A court date for Mr. Hollowell has not yet been determined.