Bears Shut Down Michigan Vacation Sites

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Aggressive black bears have prompted the US Forest Service to order the closure of some Grand Island campgrounds.

Tents and backpacks have been ripped open, and some bears have approached campers and berry pickers. One sleeping bicyclist was awakened after being licked on the ear by a bear.

Biologists have been setting barrel traps near campgrounds at Trout and Murray bays and along the western edge of the island. Those areas are closed to campers through tomorrow and the weekend if necessary while the trapping effort takes place.

About 20 bears are said to be living on the Upper Peninsula Island. The island is located about a half-mile into Lake Superior off the Alger County coastline at Munising. Extended Web Coverage

Bear Basics

  • Don’t leave excess food in your vehicle, this may attract bears.

  • Prepare all meals at least 100 feet away from your camp’s sleeping area.

  • Never try to get a closer look by approaching a bear.

  • Never keep snacks in your tent. Always keep food in sealed containers, so odors cannot be released.

When Bears are About to Attack

  • If there are two or more in your group, stand close together to appear more imposing.

  • Make loud noises, such as shouting or clanging pots and pans together.

  • Try to avoid direct eye contact.

  • Throw rocks near the bear to scare the bear away, but try to not hit the bear.

If a Bear Attacks

  • Yell for help.

  • Most of your vitals are easier to get to from the front so stay on your stomach.

  • If the bear persists, and only as a last resort, resist with all your might.

  • Try to grab a stick or a rock and try to fight for your life. Your survival could depend on your fierceness.

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