Zenz Complaint Tossed: Jackson Road Commissioners' Benefits Will Expire

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Jackson County Road Commissioner Bob Zenz was in court asking for his benefits back.

"There's nothing in the statute that allows them to change their compension during their term," Zenz's attorney, William Worth, said in court Friday.

In July, the county board took away the county-paid cars, healthcare and future pension benefits for all the road commissioners. It came after a sheriff's investigation charged that Zenz used his position for personal gain -- including having the road commission pay for these driveways on his property.

In court, Worth pointed out that state law does not allow a county board to change road commissioners' salary mid-term. Zenz's six year term started in January. An attorney for the board responded.

"They can't change the salary. They can change the benefits," Richard McNulty told the judge. "To grant this motion would divest the Board of Commissioners of its authority."

Ultimately, the judge agreed.

"It is in their authority, if they wish, to reduce, terminate, increase -- whatever they want -- with the fringe benefits," Jackson County Circuit Judge Edward Grant said. "The motion therefore is denied And the compalint is filed as dismissed at this time."

After the proceeding attorneys for both sides said they had no comment. Neither did Zenz.

Now Zenz and the other road commissioners stand to lose all their benefits by the end of the month, while Zenz awaits the chance to respond to the charges against him at a hearing before the county board.

That hearing is set to take place in September.

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