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Whether he knows it or not, former Haslett football player Micah Magnusson took team pictures Thursday night. In a wheelchair with feeding and breathing tubes--still in a coma--he sat for pictures with a team that has assembled to support his family in their time of need.

"Honestly, if it weren't for this community, I would have collapsed by now," his mom Sherrie says.

Micah is home after 4 months at a special hospital in Denver. He suffered a brain bleed and the recovery is slow

"It just takes time for the brain to heal. We'll wait forever," she laughs.

A fundraiser at Haslett High School--part pig roast, part carnival, part football game-- is his welcome home and a way to raise money.

M.A.D. stands for "Make a donation." It will be expensive to care for Micah at home.

Everything at the fundraiser was donated. The Turpin family from Haslett--whose wife and daughter-in-law Pam is in a coma from a car accident--gave one of the largest gifts as a thank you, they say, to the community that helped them.

"It's our turn to help this time," Inge Turpin explained.

Others wrote checks, bought bracelets and t-shirts, and spent money on the carnival games. The coordinator Millie Heinz received a box full of $980 in cash from little girls who had a lemonade stand to raise money.

For the Magnussons, it's utterly overwhelming, but they say no surprise from a community that has help them up since May.

"It's been everyday," Sherrie Magnusson says.

To give, send checks to the Micah Magnusson Recovery Fund at Citizens Bank in Haslett at 1602 Haslett Road, Haslett, MI 48840. Write "Attention: Sunny Olsen" on the envelope.

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