Tree Rips Through House During Storms

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"My mom called and left a voicemail, asking what color I want my new bedroom to be," says the daughter of one unlucky Eaton Rapids family Thursday. "I thought, 'What is she talking about?!'"

"The wind came, I heard a loud crack and part of one tree fell off through the roof of the house," explains her mother Michelle Gould.

Gould says she expects these things to happen living in the country. But no matter how prepared she thought she was, hearing a locust tree fall smack through the upper level of her house Thursday was, well, shocking.

"Oh my gosh, what the H was that?" Gould says of her reaction, laughing as she recalled the moment.

"We've been saying it's gonna fall one day," her daughter says of the tree. "The tree is 150 years old. We just hoped it would fall through the center of the house, not through my bedroom."

No such luck.

"There's a big skylight in my daughter's bedroom," Gould says. "A huge hole in the roof, insulation all over her bed, water running through it... It's kind of pretty actually!"

When asked how Gould was in such high spirits, she laughed and sighed: "It's been a long week," she says.

A long week that has essentially just begun again for the Gould family and their house.

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