Dog Killed At Lansing Elementary School

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It's something investigators are calling one of the most heinous crimes against animals in Ingham County's history.

A German Shepherd found brutally stabbed to death outside Fairview Elementary School in Lansing.

"We he (our officer) arrived, he found a dog. A German Shepherd black and tan," said Ingham County Animal Control Deputy Director Steve Hummel. " There was blood on some walls and a filet knife."

The dog's body was found pressed up against the walls of the school, with blood smeared close by. The murder weapon found just feet away.

"It was stabbed several times with the knife. The knife was left at the scene."

That knife, along with a white cloth that covered the animal, are the only real pieces of evidence from the scene. The dog did not have any collar or tags, but Hummel believes it belonged to someone.

"We're trying to find the actual dog owner and perpetrator which could be one in the same."

Hummel believes the suspect most likely lives in the area and walked the dog to the scene, before killing it. It was found by school employees early Wednesday morning, but district officials say students are not in any danger.

"Lansing schools are safe. They have always been safe," said District Superintendent Dr. T.C. Wallace.

He believes the crime may have been a copy-cat after NFL quarterback Michael Vick recently plead guilty to charges of dog fighting.

"This is an isolated unprecedented occurrence not just in Lansing but in Ingham County," he added.

Still, Wallace says the school will fully cooperate during the course of the investigation. Anyone who may be missing a German Shepherd or has knowledge of the crime is encouraged to call Animal Control immediately at 517-676-8376.

There is a $500 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

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