Fowlerville Farmland Filled with Stuff, Neighbor Wants it Gone

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The farm co-owner estimates there is nearly 15 acres of "stuff" on his 1,200 acres. As far as the eye can see there are old ambulances, fire trucks, tires, semi-truck trailers and lots of other items bought at auctions.

Gordon Munsell, co-owner of the Munsell Farms, says they strip it down and use scraps to replace parts on their farm equipment. "That's our answer to fixing up and using stuff and making it work a little longer," says Munsell.

Handy Township's zoning administrator issued a violation saying the family was running a salvage or junkyard on property not properly zoned. At a meeting last month, citing the Michigan Right to Farm Act, the family argued they use the equipment, they don't sell it.

Handy Township says it all can stay, but the Munsell's have to consolidate and move some of the stuff sitting closest to the road.

Neighbor Dora Smith wants it gone and says she's asking Iosco Township to act since some of the farmland is in that Township too. "When I talked to the supervisor Saturday, he said basically I was wasting my time," says Smith.

Smith says the stuff is polluting the land and she'll contact the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, again, if she has to.

The Munsell's say they will continue to "recycle". "We're not figuring on doing anything different then we've been doing," says Munsell.

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