The Race is Finally On

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Thousands of eyes were glued to the track as cars whizzed by at lightning speed. The Nascar Nextel Cup Series, it was finally underway.

"Officially we got started with the green flag at 10:08 this morning," says Michigan International Speedway Communications Director Sammie Lukaskiewicz.

Originally scheduled for Sunday, the race was rained out twice. But on Tuesday the weather was just about perfect.

"We're thrilled that all of our fans could finally get a race that they'd been waiting to see," says Lukaskiewicz. "We've had a great turnout today, and a lot of people are probably playing hooky from work today."

"This is my first race," explains Julie Sicotte. "I called in to work today."

"It's the best time of anybody's life," adds Brad Mayer. "Just to hear the horse power and smell the racing fuel."

Though the series did end up running from start to finish, it almost didn't happen -- again.

"We started out with some interesting weather with the fog and mist," explains Lukaskiewicz.

And if the race ended up getting canceled for a third time, no worries say die hard Nascar fans.

"I'm here till it's over," says Adam Gallion. "If it was four days, five weeks, I'm going to sit out there, stand in the rain till this thing starts and until it ends."

Now that's true Nascar devotion.

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