Great Lakes Folk Festival Wrap-up

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The Great Lakes Folk Festival wrapped up Sunday in East Lansing. It was the third year since the festival was turned over to the community.

From 1999 to 2001, the festival ran as the National Folk Festival, and according to local residents and vendors, drew a much larger crowd.

Organizers estimate about 80,000 people visited this year's local festival and they say the numbers are pretty consistent with previous years. Local vendors say they were much busier when it was part of the national event, but even so, they say having a booth at the Great Lakes Folk Festival is worth it.

The festival ran three days and featured more than 23 different musical acts, dancing, artistic crafts and an eclectic mix of food vendors. Organizers say they strive to keep the local festival what the national festival was.

They are planning to hold the event again next summer.