Dogfighting in Mid-Michigan

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"It's like having a lethal weapon and nobody can do anything about," Jamie McAloon-Lampman, animal control director for Ingham County, says of the kind of dogs used in dogfighting.

Ferocious, trained to kill, there are several victims of dogfighting now in Ingham County's custody at the shelter.

"They love you so much they are gonna do anything for you," McAloon-Lampman explains, "including kill other dogs and even die....The carnage that comes with dogfighting is not just from the dogfight. There is a lot of abuse that takes place prior to the event to train the dogs."

The suspects in Ingham County courts right now include Corey Henry, whose pleaded guilty to lesser charges. Investigators took 16 pitbulls from his house. They are still working on the case of Delton Durane Jones, charged with dogfighting. From him, they seized 8 dogs.

There are several other cases under investigation in which charges haven't been filed.

"Now that people are becoming more aware, we are getting more tips, we are getting more calls. We are making more seizures on these houses and taking these animals away," McAloon-Lampman says.

She's certain there has been dogfighting in the area for years and says they find dead dogs regularly. Now, they are prosecuting more cases and caring for more dogs and McAloon-Lampman says it's expensive. She's says the department needs more resources now and in the future.

With dogfighting tips in Ingham County, call 676-8676.

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