Michigan Disaster Relief Workers on Way to Florida

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As crews continue to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Charley in Florida, some Michigan workers pack their bags and head south to help. Four volunteers from the Mid-Michigan American Red Cross are in route today to Florida.

They will be helping to build shelters, gather supplies, and provide food and clothing to people displaced by the hurricane. Volunteers say they chose to become disaster relief volunteers because they simply felt the strong desire to help.

They will be there for 21 days and will be working 12 to 14 hours a day. They will be meeting one other Mid-Michigan volunteer in Florida. The local chapter will await more details to decide if more volunteers are needed.

Officials say this hurricane may be the largest national devastation since Sept. 11. The American Red Cross says the best way for Michiganders to help is to donate money so they may be able to finance all necessary supplies in order to help the devastated communities.