Another Washout at MIS

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Chugging along at two miles per hour, blowers made their rounds at the Michigan International Speedway. So, too, did safety vehicles -- all in an effort to dry the track for the Nascar Nextel Cup Series.

Says Sammie Lukaskiewicz, Director of Communications, "We are making every attempt to get this race underway today."

Well, that didn't happen. After Sunday's race was cancelled due to the rain, it was re-scheduled for Monday. But come Monday the rain barely let up.

"We prefer a five to five and half hour window," explains Dennis Worden, Manager of Public Relations. "Track drying typically takes two hours, and then you have an additional two to three hours for the race."

The series has now been postponed once again, this time until ten Tuesday morning. Two days without a race and the speedway is starting to see a financial impact.

"It's a matter of paying our groups to come back to help with the gates," says Lukaskiewicz. "You know we have staff that comes in to visit to help, and we have to pay for hotel rooms for that."

But the track isn't the only one taking a hit.

Explains Lukaskiewicz, "It's also a financial impact on the teams. They have to pay for an extra night in a hotel room and the media covering the event. They have to change their flights."

If the race is again postponed, Nascar and the speedway will determine the possibility for a Wednesday race. But with the forecast calling for rain for most the week, the race at MIS may just become the final race of the Nascar season.

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