Fun in the Rain at MIS

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The infield at the Michigan International Speedway, affectionately known as "The Jungle," could have passed for a tropical rainforest Sunday with the amount of rain falling from the skies. Despite that, Nascar fans weren't fazed.

"The rain hasn't dampered it much," says Jennifer Merritt. "You pay the money to come down here, so you might as well enjoy it."

"I'm having a great time," adds Johnathon Counseller. "I'm here with all my buddies, and everything, having a great time."

This group of friends from Michigan and Indiana have been coming to MIS for about 10 years -- enjoying race weekends camped out in the infield. And a lot of the time is spent in, and on top of, a converted bus.

"It's basically a school bus we turned into a camper," explains Don Blair. "I'd rather have this seat up here, because up here you're not crowded. You only got so much room down there. Here we can sit down and do what we want to do."

"Here you can come up here and watch the race, enjoy a drink, watch people walk by," Merritt adds.

Unfortunately for fans there was no watching Sunday afternoon's race because it was called off due to the downpour. No matter says this group, because it just gives them one more day to live it up in "The Jungle."

"You know that saying in Vegas, 'What goes on in Vegas, Stays in Vegas?'" asks Blair. "That's what we do down here. What goes on in Nascar, stays in Nascar."

The race has been rescheduled for Monday at noon.

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