BWL Workers Demonstrate at Olds Park

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Board of Water and Light workers were treated to two free Lugnuts tickets by their bosses Thursday night. Instead of watching the double-header, 352 union workers demonstrated outside the park, upset they are working into their ninth month without a contract.

Union president Joe Davis says workers are not being treated fairly when compared to workers in similar jobs around the country. They are being offered a zero-percent raise in the new contracts first year. Davis says the norm is 3.5 to four-percent.

Davis also says their new General Manager is making 13-percent more than his predecessor and 40-percent more than other GM's in similar jobs around the country.

Meetings between the two groups have deteriorated to the point where the union has brought in a fact finder. His findings will be non-binding, but the hopes are they may lead to a compromise between management and the union.