School Lunch Prices Remain the Same Despite High Dairy Prices

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Milk and dairy product prices spiked at the start of the summer, but local school districts say lunch prices won't change.

Lunch at East Lansing Public Schools varies from $2 to $2.50 a mean while an extra carton of milk is $0.40 and those prices will stay the same this year. But it's not because the district is immune to the dairy industry's price fluctuation, it's because lunch rates rose $0.25 last year. East Lansing Food Service Supervisor Betty Putz says there's no way the district would increase rates again this year.

Dairy prices were 30-percent higher this past June then they were in June of 2003. Christopher Wolf, Agricultural Economics Associate Professor at MSU, says the increase was a result of cow feed costing more and also an effect of below average pricing at the farm level. Wolf says the prices are beginning to level out now.

Waverly Community Schools and the Lansing School District say they will not increase lunch prices either this year. Free and reduced priced meals will also be offered based on income.