Lansing Adds Extra Patrols to Neighborhoods

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Officer Colin Kacmarsky has weaved his way through the Genesee neighborhood for the last two years trying to steer away potential criminals.

"Anything out of the ordinary...Try to identify people that may be acting suspiciously, find out what they're doing," said Kacmarsky.

The Genesee neighborhood is just one of four communities recently hit by homicide. In response Lansing Police are adding patrols and increasing their presence in the troubled communals.

The areas include Hunter Park and Walnut Neighborhood near Old Town, where a woman was murdered earlier in August.

Police will also be patrolling through Southwest Arbor Point, where a 17-year-old was gunned down in July and Genesee neighborhood. Three people have been killed in the community in 2007; most notably-- Ruth Hallman.

"People are really outraged by that. Everybody wants to bring the people to justice who were responsible for that," said Kacmarsky. "That's why were out here in increased numbers to prevent anything like that from happening again."

Mayor Bernero is set to release his five-point plan Thursday morning. No matter what it entails-- Kacmarsky says its up to the residents to provide the eyes and ears for the police department.

"The people that live in those communities every single day know more out about those communities than we do obviously," said Kacmarsky. "We'll be able to work with them to solve those problems."

Officers are already seeing a slight change in Genesee neighborhood. They're hoping its a sign of things to come.

"You see a lot less foot traffic," said Kacmarsky. "That usually indicates that people who don't belong on those neighborhoods have moved on."

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