Gas Station Traffic Causing Congestion on Lansing Streets

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Cheap prices at a popular Lansing gas station are causing congestion on city streets, so council members have stepped in to help keep it under control.

Hundreds of motorists travel to the Admiral station on Pennsylvania Avenue every Tuesday when each grade of gasoline is priced the same as unleaded. Now a Lansing man wants to build a car wash across the street from the station and some worry that would cause even more problems. Monday night, council members decided to route traffic down Sims Court and around to Armstrong Road in hopes of taking care of traffic so it won't cause jams when the car wash goes up.

Admiral customer Claudia Conerly says she's not sure she likes parking in the street waiting in line; she liked it better when parking was allowed in the lot across from the station. Janet Parker, manager of Pennway Motel, says she's not happy with either option because motorists continue to pull into her drive and block the street.

Traffic will be re-directed as long as it continues to be a problem, so it will be easier for police to ticket those who illegally park.