Manufactured Home Taxes Could Be Higher in the Future

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If you own a manufactured home and rent the land it sits on, you could be paying more tax in the future. Currently, homeowners pay $36 a year in property tax for the rented land, but it could be hiked as high as $144 a year by 2010 if the bill proposing an increase passes the Senate. The bill passed the House last Wednesday.

Rep. Chris Ward is the committee chair for local government backing the bill, and he says the amount of money homeowners pay now in no way represents the impact a manufactured home has on a community. David Waymire represents the Michigan Manufactured Home Association, and he says a tax increase would be unfair because owners already pay their fair share in sales tax and mills on the property they rent.

If the bill passes the Senate the increase would go into effect January 2005 and would be phased up over five years. All money raised would go to local government, the agencies some say are missing out on valuable property tax profits.