911 Tapes Document Harrowing Escape and Rescue

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A night of terror began in a Central Michigan University parking lot, when the young woman was abducted at gun point, sexually assaulted and told she was going to be killed.

She escaped by jumping from her car as her kidnapper drove along an Isabella county road. She made it to a nearby house. There two children, 14-year-old James Persyn and his 11-year-old sister Acelin let her in, locked the doors and crowded into a bathroom to hide. The children's parents were out for the night.

Outside, 30-year-old Eric Ramsey stalked around the house and then lit a fire attempting to burn the house. He then fled.

Two phone calls were made to Isabella County's 911 center during this. The first by the victim and a second by the children. They described their situation and asked for help. Each time 911 operators gathered information while trying to calm the young people and assure them help was on the way.

Officers responded quickly and the children's father arrived at about the same time.

Ramsey was tracked down hours later and shot dead by deputies.

WILX has received recordings of those 911 calls, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

During the conversation, the obviously distraught victim is heard saying "I'm sorry, I was kidnapped and I escaped. I jumped out of a car."

Later during the second conversation, you can hear a relieved Acelin tell the dispatcher an officer had arrived at the house. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's hear. Yep, he's here! He's here!"

The victim has never been identified and we have altered her voice to protect her further.

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