911 Museum Hits Home for Eaton Rapids Firefighter

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The official opening of the 911 Museum in New York City hits close to home for one Eaton Rapids Firefighter.

Kevin Towsley volunteered at Ground Zero following the attacks on the World Trade Center. It contains thousands of artifacts in a massive display. Towsley says even though he hasn't seen the museum yet, he probably knows most of the items in it. "A lot of the pieces and artifacts that are in there I might have even touched or handled at one time, or I can tell people exactly where it was, where it was laying, who took it out, and where it came from. It gives me the jitters even thinking about it."

Among those artifacts is an entire clothing store. Towsley says he knows the manager of Chelsea Jean Company. "I was in that store at the time when there was a Korean news crew came in, and were doing a film, and a little man come in, and he was gathering dust and he was scooping it in a bag. The guy says, 'No we got a crew coming around to clean this up.' and no, the little man said, 'I can't find my dad."

Towsley says the sights, sounds and smells of Ground Zero come back to him when he talks about this experience. He keeps a small museum of his own in a plastic bag. It holds his ID badge, some photographs, and something very special he found in the rubble.
"There was a chunk of an American flag, and I thought well, this is going to be destroyed, so I stuck it in my pocket."