Students Deal With Construction

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The constant bulldozing and hammering at MacDonald Middle School in East Lansing has a few students flustered about their studies.

Students say their classrooms don't have ceilings or carpeting. Some say a few rooms are without functioning clocks.

Nicole Ducummom, an eighth grader, says she hears jackhammers through her classroom walls, and it's hard to hear her teachers. She's also worried the dusty construction is causing her asthma to act up.

School officials say the renovations at the school are part of a 2-year, $13.8 million project to remove asbestos from the school and to build a brand new auditorium. They say the construction workers and electricians complete the noisiest work during the evening - after school is out - to prevent disturbances in the classroom. However, they say, noise comes with every construction effort.

School officials say the local fire marshal said the building is completely safe.