Worker Training Money Back

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In the beginning of the year, the Capital Area Michigan Works needed to freeze the distribution of its federal Trade Adjustment Assistance funding (TAA) because the state did not have the proper funding from the U.S. government. Now that money is finally back, but for how long?

TAA funding goes to workers who have lost their jobs due in part to foreign competition. With the funding workers can receive up to two and a half years of education towards a new career.

Douglas Stites, CEO of the Capital Area Michigan Works says about 61 workers were on a waiting list as part of the funding bottleneck.

Over the past three weeks Stites say hundreds of workers across the state have been notified about the return of the federal funding.

But Stites says another funding freeze could be on the way. He only has enough money to pay for worker’s education through September. After that he says it’s anyone’s guess.