Jackson Man Suspected of Breaking into an Ice Cream Shop, Caught RED Handed

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It’s another burglary gone bad, but Jackson County Police and even the owners of the business targeted are laughing about it.

It happened just after midnight at TJ's Freeze in Vandercook Lake. Owner Harold Hemry Jr. says the would be burglar tried the back door but couldn't get in, so he crawled through a front service window knocking ice cream toppings and cherry syrup off the shelf. In all the commotion his wallet fell out of his pocket and cherry syrup spilled on his clothes. Jackson County Sheriff Dan Heyns says, when investigators caught up with the suspect, he still had the syrup stuck to his clothes and shoes.

The sticky situation isn't a laughing matter for the Jackson man arrested. If convicted of breaking and entering, a felony, he could be facing up to ten years behind bars.