McCain Endorses Schwarz

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Senator John McCain endorsed Dr. John "Joe" Schwarz for the Republican primary race for the U.S. House of Representative seat now held by Rep. Nick Smith. Smith is retiring and now six Republican are viewing for his spot.

Sen. McCain and Schwarz toured the seventh district Saturday. Stops included the Jackson Airport and Charlotte. McCain says he is not sure if his support will help Schwarz, but he believes he is the best for the job because of his experience in the medical field and his prior experience in the military. Both McCain and Schwarz are Vietnam veterans.

Opponents of Schwarz say they don't think McCain's endorsement will make a difference in the primary election. Spokesman for the Clark Bisbee campaign said voters may look at local endorsements more, but will probably just vote for the candidate they most support in the issues.

Gene DeRossett's campaign said they may even get more voted from conservatives with McCain's endorsement of Schwarz.

The primaries are scheduled for August 3.