Lansing Teen Found Murdered in Family Home

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A Lansing teen is found murdered in her home, nearly twenty four hours later police are still narrowing down a list of possible suspects.

Amber Dietz, 13, was found by her brother Tuesday night, she was home alone at the time of her death. D. Sgt. Noel Garcia of the Lansing Police Department says she was unresponsive and by the time police got to 1901 Olds Avenue she was dead. Preliminary autopsy reports reveal knife marks on Amber's chest and neck. Diane Purvis, aunt of the deceased teen, says it's a nightmare for the family. Police have no suspects at this time, but encourage anyone with information to call the Lansing Police Department at (517) 483-4628.

It's the second murder at that address in the last five years. The first happened in November of 2001 when 26-year-old Alvin Benson was shot to death.