Dems Threaten Legal Action

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In a press release sent out Friday, the Michigan Democratic Party says the Michigan Republican Party spent too much money helping Ralph Nader get onto the state's presidential ballot.

For some time now the Republican Party has been gathering the necessary 30,000 signatures for Nader to file as an independent. It's a move which would more than likely send votes to Nader that would otherwise be cast for Kerry.

Dems say administrative and staff costs for the signature gathering process went way beyond the five thousand dollar limit parties are allowed to spend on a candidate. Republicans say it's just a Democratic ploy to keep Nader off the ballot, denying voters of another choice.

Nader has until 4 p.m. Monday to contact the Michigan Secretary of State's office to reject the signatures. If he does nothing, by default he will accept the signatures and Mark Brewer of the state Democratic Party says they will file their complaints.

Aside from the independent spot, Nader's only other access to the state's presidential ballot would be on the Reform Party ticket. But, that party has two men fighting over control of the party with different ideas about a presidential nominee. The Michigan Reform Party convention is later this month.