Cheney Arrives in Mid-Michigan

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A handful of observers gathered at Capital City Airport with cameras in hand hoping to get the first shot of Vice President Dick Cheney's touch down into mid-Michigan.

While the experience was enjoyable for those watching, it was a busy day for the crowd in charge of planning. It takes about one week worth of work and close to 100 percent of airport staff to choreograph a high profile arrival and departure. For Vice President Cheney's visit that included putting a freeze on flights coming in and going out until Air Force Two had safely landed. It took only minutes for the Vice President and his crew to unload. After shaking hands with the group invited to greet him, Cheney ducked into a limo and left.

The freeze on commercial flights was lifted only after his motorcade was completely out of sight. Local police helped barricade his route into the city and once in downtown Lansing, security remained tight with police teams perched on top of buildings and as well as in the street.