The Lansing Board of Water and Light Meets With Council Members

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As the Lansing Board of Water and Light prepares to replace thousands of lead pipes that travel into Lansing homes, more questions surface about the safety of city water.

City Council members met with the Board of Water and Light Thursday to ask about cost and logistics. Council member Carol Wood says there's a lot the council needs to understand about the project since they just found out about it last Friday.

Board of Water and Light General Manager Sandy Novik answered questions telling the council that replacement priority will be given to schools, day care facilities and homes with young children. Novik also stressed again that the lead is not coming from the water; the source is fixtures and pipes that contain lead.

Letters have been mailed to BWL's 56, 000 customers to let residents know if they have lead pipes in their homes. For now, if you know you have lead pipes in your home you should run a faucet for 30 seconds to two minutes before drinking water from it.