Flood Damage Fraud

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As clean up drags on from May's heavy rains, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is warning homeowners about fraud. It hasn't happened in mid-Michigan yet, but it could.

Marianne Jackson, FEMA's Federal Coordinator Officer, says there are scam artists who make their living going from disaster to disaster. Harold Higgs, FEMA's Inspection Services Coordinator, say you have to be aware and on guard.

FEMA says all of their inspectors will call or at least leave a message before coming over. If someone shows up unannounced, it could be a scam. FEMA inspectors will never ask for money or personal banking related information. All federal assessments are free and none require the release of banking information. All of FEMA's inspectors will have identification and will have it on at the time of the assessment.

Since fraud has been a problem in other disaster areas, FEMA is working closely with the Attorney General in order to crack down on cases if they should occur.