Hillcrest Village Residents Begin to Fight

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Last Friday residents of more than 100 Hillcrest Village Apartments received notice of a proposal to destroy their homes. The ownership group is requesting permission to rezone the area for a high-rise structure suited for university students, not the current family structure.

Residents held an informational barbeque to organize their efforts to fight the proposal. They singed petitions and handed out pre-written post cards addressed to Mayor Meadows and the City Council asking them to deny the developers requests.

The buildings of Hillcrest Village and the area they are in are designated 'historic.' Ingham County Commissioner Marc Thomas says he would be 'shocked' if the City Commission allows their destruction.

Hillcrest Village resident Krista Menacher says she knew she wanted to live in Hillcrest the moment she saw the place three years ago. She also says that if she loses her home, or if the place is redesigned, she would consider moving out of the area.

The first public zoning meeting for the issue is Wednesday, July 14 at 7 p.m. before the East Lansing Planning Commission in Courtroom 2 of the 54-B District Court Building in East Lansing.