A Horse Racing Track in Eaton County's Windsor Township?

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It's been 15 years since the Michigan Office of Racing Commissioner has had to think about granting a track license; now 11 applications await approval or denial. One of those applications is for a facility in Eaton County's Windsor Township just off I-69 near Pinch Highway and Nixon Road.

Eaton Rapids developer Dorian Lange is seeking a license to build a $110 million race track facility featuring things like a turf track, golf course, and buildings to host entertainment acts. It's larger than anything he's ever built, a project that could bring 500-1000 jobs to the area. Lange says he's certainly venturing into unknown territory, but if it's already been done, why do it?

At a public hearing Tuesday, citizens spoke for and against the proposed project. Helen Carter lives on Pinch Road and says she's opposed to the track because of all the traffic, noise, bright lights, and smells it would bring.

Racing Commissioner R. Robert Geake says the commission will make a decision about the license in about a month.