Third Bank Robbed in Lansing in Nine Days

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Tuesday morning proved to be anything but money in the bank for customers at LaSalle Bank on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was closed around 9:30 after a robbery was reported.

This is the third robbery on Lansing's south side in a little more than a week.

The first one happened on July 16th on Cedar Street south at the 5/3 Bank. The robber claimed to have a gun but never showed one.

Three days later-- another robbery at LaSalle Bank on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard south, where the robber stuffed cash down his shirt.

Tuesday's bank robbery produced photos of a white man wearing a white tee-shirt and sunglasses, along with a Detroit Tigers hat.

Lansing Police say the description of the robber at the LaSalle Bank on Pennsylvania Avenue is very similar to the man or men who robbed the other two banks. But police can't be certain it's the same person.

"If it's not the same person, then maybe it's people working together, of course you know, there's always the possibility of a copycat," said Lieutenant Bruce Ferguson of the Lansing Police Department.

Canines were used to pick up a sent, but leads have been slim in all three robberies. Police did say the man got away in a tan four-door Mercury Marquis, at the LaSalle Bank on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

"Folks may think, well there's a Lansing bank robbery, they're looking for someone in Lansing-- that's probably not the case," said Lt. Ferguson.

Police are hoping to bring the baseball cap bandit or bandits into custody before people start to re-think making a deposit on the city's south side.

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