Lansing Mayor Apologizes to Residents After Block Party

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Mayor Virg Bernero, his staff and Lansing Police Chief Mark Alley weaved their way through the Churchhill Downs Neighborhood handing out letters apologizing to residents after a block party got out of control.

"I think we made a mistake," said Mayor Bernero. "I think we should've had a better protocol. We should be looking at traffic patterns, how are people going to get in and out-- and we're going to do a better job."

To ensure it doesn't happen again-- the planning and neighborhood development department will need to approve block party requests. They will also check with the local neighborhood association and police department.

"At least 50% of the neighborhood has to ask for the street closure and that wasn't enforced," said Mayor Bernero.

John Walters lives on Stillwell Street where the party took place, and says while the road was blocked off, at least 12 cars drove on through his lawn.

"All I could do was wave as them as they went by," said Walters.

Residents News 10 spoke with in the Churchhill Downs Neighborhood both on camera and off had mixed feelings about the block party Saturday afternoon.

"it was a really nice block party," said Terry Thomas who was at the block party visiting her son. "Around 8:15 the police showed up with their dogs chasing people, being rude...You know, just being un-necessary."

Personally I think they did a good job, In this neighborhood," said a neighbor who agreed to speak with News 10 on the condition of anonymity.

"You seen everybody walking down the street...walking around with liquor bottles and things that were probably inappropriate for a family event," said the neighbor.

Some homeowners believe the block party moved the neighborhood a step in the wrong direction, but that only inspires Mayor Bernero to ensure something like this doesn't happen again.

This is a neighborhood that is on its way up, that is struggling a little bit, and we think they're going to make it," said Mayor Bernero.

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