Business Moves on Despite Arson

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Brides are back and trying on wedding dresses at J's Tux & Bridal Boutique in downtown Owosso, despite a Fourth of July apartment fire that affected the nearby business.

"We got all the inventory we possibly could, all the dresses, everything people purchased that was our main concern," says assistant manager Stacey Parmenter. "There was water damage, there was smoke damage."

In fact the building was a total loss. So just last week, the bridal boutique moved one block down the road and into a shop on the opposite side of the street.

"Customers are really responding well. They like the new location. They like how open it is. There's a lot less stuff, and they tell us that. But they know we're getting back up on our feet."

Parmenter says most of the inventory, including new and discontinued dresses, were lost in the fire that the Owosso Police and Fire Departments are now calling arson.

"The thing that makes me most sad is there's a death. You can't replace that person no matter what you do."

The victim was 22-year-old Greg Shire. Currently the police are looking into leads and are hoping to find the person or persons who intentionally started the blaze. In the meantime, J's Tux & Bridal Boutique will continue serving customers.

"You can sit and cry over spilled milk, or you can pick up the pieces and go on."

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