Warrant Issued for Officer's Arrest

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In March of 2003 a man was pulled over on a suspicion of drunk driving. Inham County Prosecutor Stewart Dunnings is alleging that man offered a bribe to the Lansing police officer who pulled him over. Dunning further alleges the officer accepted that bribe and let the man go.

In the coming days, that man allegedly made several phone calls describing the incident which were intercepted by FBI agents on a wire tap. Federal authorities were apparently tracking the man in connection with a drug trafficking investigation.

The case has been handed over to Ingham County. Dunnings says this will be handled just like any other case, and that 'those who uphold the laws should also be expected to abide by the laws.'

The officer in question, whose name has not yet been released, is expected to turn himself in after his arraignment sometime next week. Until then, the officer has been taken off active duty with the department and placed on administrative leave.

This offense is a misdemeanor and carries a possible sentence of six months in jail.